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When nothing seems to be,
Going your way,
Lost in an abyss of your own making…

You turn to run.
But it just keeps,
Following you…

What do you do…

In your mind,
Your shouting for help,
Screaming for someone,
To hear you….

But all that returns,
Is silence.
A cold reflection,
Of what faces you…

You just need a little boost,
Someone to stand,
By you…

It’s nice to have someone,
To turn to,
To be there for you….

You don’t,
Don’t want to,
Face it alone…


I love writing songs in relation to things I see, how I feel, characters I watch or people I know. It is these that give me the inspiration to write and the subjects in which I write about. So I have these people and things to thank. I hope you enjoy my work. Much <3

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