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My Angel-Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, so I thought I should write a little something. Here’s something I cooked up quick as a sequel to ‘My Angel’ to one of the first songs I ever wrote on this blog, hope you like it.

My Angel
How is it,
You know exactly what to say.

To make me smile in that way….

My guard drops around you,
As if I’ve known you forever.

My Angel,
How is it,
You know exactly what to say.

To make everything alright again…

You’re the person,
I turn to when I’m troubled,
And don’t know where else to turn…

Cause you seem to,
Understand me like no-one else does…

And when we’re together,
I just want time to freeze in that moment.

As the world still moves around us…

Elizabeth Hopkins




I love writing songs in relation to things I see, how I feel, characters I watch or people I know. It is these that give me the inspiration to write and the subjects in which I write about. So I have these people and things to thank. I hope you enjoy my work. Much <3

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