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Mic Lowry

I apologize for my lack of writing recently but I will start writing more regularly again soon.

This is just a short little something on a band I have been listening to this last week or so, and have come quite addicted too.

Mic Lowery a band from Liverpool is definitely worth a listen to especially if you are into old RnB. They are comprised of 5 lads whom’s voices compliment each other wonderfully and I believe they will only get better from here on out. Hopefully they will keep making music with that smooth finish.

To hear their stuff check out their Soundcloud: or their website:



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How I met J-unity ;)

Today, I want to write about a pair of talented musical twins I met in high school (HS)/ secondary school or whatever you would like to call it. These, pair of twins go by the name of J-Unity, but I know them as Jamal and Jerome.

Back then I had no idea they were so talented. Especially, as during choir they would sit and listen. I don’t think I personally ever heard them sing in HS. Therefore, all I knew was they were pretty funny and when I did hang out with them and their friends (Amari and Ramario), I knew that at some point or another I would end up laughing. They were fun to be around, and personally I was not very good at telling them apart but there were some things they did when I thought, ‘ahhh that’s Jerome or that’s definitely got to be Jamal.’

Anyways moving on to their musical career, I only began hearing they’re music after I was in uni. And it sounded awesome! Suddenly were all over my facebook as people from HS were going VOTE for J-UNITY in Britain’s got Talent! And they did really well in it. From that point on I got to hear more of they’re music including originals, covers and remixes!

They are continuing to grow and do better and better.  They also do a great job of keeping me updated, asking if I have heard their newest song. I hope they continue to follow their passion and keep up the good work.

Their latest J-unity remix is Poundcake by Drake, which I highly recommend listening to, it has become one of my favourite songs. If you would like to listen click the link below:
And if you would like to listen and look at their videos check out their Youtube:
JUnity Music YT
J-Unity”s Facebook Page:
J-Unity Music FB

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David Wong

David Wong, a passionate, pop/rock violinist I discovered on YouTube, is beginning to gain more recognition for his talent as his fan  continues to increase. This after videos of him playing a beat on the violin with rapper Matteo Borja rapping in Spanish and his “Get Lucky violin loop went viral.

David Wong started playing violin at 4 and was trained via the Suzuki method which emphasized learning pieces by ear. This allowed him to develop his ear at a young age, which helped him as he started creating YouTube violin cover videos. He only really started YouTubing after college and it helped him realize that he wanted to have a career playing the violin. As he gradually started performing more pop music and collaborating with other musicians, he saw his passion in creating violin renditions of hit music and bringing a different sound to the table.

David has begun to branch out more, and is also having more fun with it. You can see this as he covered one of his biggest inspirations, the English Rock band ‘Muse.” He admires their theatrics and Matt Bellamy’s abilities to play guitar/piano at such a high level while singing simultaneously. Hearing Bellamy’s Rachmaninoff/Chopin inspired melodies and harmonic progressions really resonate with his classically influenced roots. If he had the chance to play one song with Muse, he said, “It’d be Newborn. I love jamming on it and the solos are a blast to play!”

How did David Wong get big on youtube?

David has created many Violin covers of various popular songs, with a number of them gaining traction from being heard on Reddit. He also recently performed with Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox, a band who performs retro covers of top 40 hits, on Good Morning America.

When asked what led you to making covers on YouTube. David Wong said that he saw other people doing it, and eventually decided, “I can totally do that too!”, a thought which provokes many to their luck on one of the largest music platforms of today. Even though David Wong himself thinks that YouTube is a wonderful platform for musicians, he still believes that nothing beats a live performance. This has also caused him to look to USTREAM, a live online streaming channel, as well as performing live for local audiences in Long Island and New York City.

Fellow YouTube musicians, 2Cellos, that went from doing YouTube videos to doing many large live performances, which caught David Wong’s eye. He stated that, They did it right.” They knew how to use YouTube as a platform to gain the backing they needed to do live shows, like the one he attended just last winter.

Within 5 years David Wong hopes that he can make living from the violin alone, doing live performances and maybe even a tour. Surviving on his passion for entertaining people with his music alone would be a dream come true.

When talking to him about his fan base he mentioned that it was pretty cool to have all these people that he does not know personally and has never met saying how much they like his work. It means a lot to him that people are watching and listening to his videos in their free time, simply because they enjoy them and not because he told them to watch. David Wong was also very grateful to his fans for all the sweet comments that he receives on YouTube and Twitter. He says the coolest interaction was with Saul Hudson’s (guitarist, Slash’s, of Guns N’ Roses fame) wife saying, that he loved David’s cover of November Rain.

David Wong’s own dream is to play live at Wembley Arena, after seeing videos of Muse and Queen playing there. He described it as being an epic stage to play since many legendary acts had played there and the crowds were massive and unbelievable. Another ambition he has is to go on a World Tour, going to Belgium for the Beer and Japan for the food and culture, but the main reason is to get out there and make music, explore and entertain people around the world.

Advice he gave to young or new musicians trying to make it is that they should, “Play, play, play!” So in other words practise, practise and more practise! He also said that they should be active on social media to get their name out there and say hi to and get to know those people who really love what they’re doing. As for hotspots, he said, “Twitter’s a good one, but also playing at open mics and getting use to performing live will help them for the future.” He also said it’s always good idea to have a degree as a safety net to fall back on.

“Performing is my passion.” That is the end note in which David Wong finished on.

More about David Wong:


Facebook Page:



Edited by: David Wong himself 😉

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I was lucky enough to go to high school with some amazingly talented people who have gone on to do well in whatever field they have decided to go into.

And J-unity were no expectation, these two funny guys, who made my lunchtimes enjoyable with their jokes and stories have done exceptionally well for themselves, and  made it onto Britain Got Talent Semi-Finals earlier this year.

In addition to this they continue to make cover videos as well as doing their own original tracks on YouTube, using Social Media as a way in which to communicate and keep their fans updated in what they are doing musically.

These two twins are still as humble and funny as ever!

So be sure to check out J-unity’s new video below:

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter: