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My Trip to Athens

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So from the 20th to 26th April I headed to Athens with my bf & some friends for the first time to do a parkour seminar with Athens Parkour Academy.

It was an amazing experience, people there were kind, welcoming and warm. On top of this it was a great place in general to get lost in and explore. Even late at night there were shops open until 2AM in the morning. There was a great atmosphere when we went through the market places and at one point we chatted to a very talented painter.



The 4th Athens International Parkour Seminar was something I would 10/10 do again, not only was it a good workout but it got me to try things I have never done before. Including working on one of my biggest fears- heights. It is something that I will probably never completely get rid of but to be much more comfortable with heights, in terms of walking around and jumping at height would be awesome. Mainly, because you see some of the most amazing sights when you are up high, plus it can be a lot of fun. (For example: the crowd surfing: I was scared to go up, but when I did it, it was soo fun hahaha)

There was also rail stuff & balancing both of which I am very awkward on. This is mainly because I am scared of slipping but working on it and doing balancing, precisions and various other things on the rails made me slightly more confident on them.
To be honest it was not only the seminar that has made me gain confidence on rails and heights but the various Parkour classes, events and things which worked us on balancing and precision jumps on rails as well as doing things high up.  Things that when I first started I would have looked at and just gone nope, not doing that or there is no way I can do that at all.

Additionally the parkour community in Athens are really friendly and easy to talk to. They are also a lot of fun to train with and always had a smile on their face, which just made you want to smile in return. I also got to do a couple of classes in the New World Gym [Athens Parkour Academy, Minoos 13, 11743 Athens, Greece] which were a lot of fun. Panos & Anmar along with the other instructors were really friendly & welcoming. If you have the chance and you are in Athens you should definitely go and have a try. Oooo there is also this really cool cat. 🙂


Food was delicious and we managed to find a cute little vegetarian place called Avocado [Nikis 30, Athina 105 57, Greece] which was super yummy. When we weren’t eating in this place I was lucky enough to have some amazing people around me to tell me what was veggie. Another place that is definitely worth eating at is The Tavern (Pytheou 106 str, 11743, Athens, ‘To Koutouki tou Thoma’) whereby you eat homemade Greek Food.  My favourite was the stuffed cabbage rolls. ❤

For ice-cream I suggest ‘Le Greche‘[16Α, Mitropoleos, Athina 105 63, Greece], they had a variety of delicious ice-cream & milkshakes.
Finally for the best bubble tea I’ve ever had you should hit up Bubble Tale Teabar [Aiolou 17, Athina 105 51, Greece].
It was  great it’s like a slushie but in bubble tea form! It was so good that we went there not just once but twice!


All in all it was an amazing trip & somewhere I’d love to go again. 😀




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Thank You!

For everyone who follows me!

There are now 100 of you on this blog hahaha

Thank you so much for the support!
I really do appreciate it.

Thank you for all the feedback or comments you have posted as well.

Hope you keep reading what I write and that you are enjoying it, even the super cheesy ones.

Thank you.
Elizabeth H. Hopkins



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An Update

Ok so it has been a while since I last posted. So I thought I would give you an update on one or two things that have been going on that I recommend and what to hopefully look forward to in my next post.

So firstly I have been working on a Photoshop course, which so far has been great, If your interested in learning about Photoshop or learning how to create some interesting and unique photos I highly recommend it. If you click here it will take you to the website for it.
Here is some of my work:

Soft mist on the river, did not come out exactly how I wanted it to.
Soft mist on the river, did not come out exactly how I wanted it to.
A composition of various photos.
A composition of various photos.
Two photos combined
Two photos combined

Another activity/ thing I have been doing is parkour, which I have been going to with my younger brother James at Parkour Generations. It is a lot of fun. So if your looking for something fun to do in your spare time, or are interested in learning something active that’s one to check out. Everyone’s friendly, its a great workout and you learn various techniques and what not.

Finally, in my next post I am working on a song/ poem in my head which I hope to post by next week.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Elizabeth Han Hopkins

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Those New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, so since my last post I have been busy with university reports and assignments. I also said I would come up with some New Year resolutions here they are:

  • Not to be so argumentative, this only really occurs with people closest to me and it just ends up with both or one person being upset, so I think I need to cut down >.<
  • Try and be more positive, so recently I have been having a lot of ups and downs especially with the above subject. Ideally with less of the top one I will be more positive and happier? Might be complete nonsense, but it’s worth a try…And a general positive outlook on situations. 😉
  • Save up money…This one generally speaks for itself

Well those are my 3 resolutions, they’re not amazing but they should be achievable I hope haha

Finally, it’s my adorable little sister’s 9th birthday tomorrow! I still remember when she was really small. Now she’s growing up, and finding out what she likes and what she doesn’t like (I mean food, TV programs and toys not anything else >.<) =)

So Happy Birthday to her! Love her lots!

Thanks for reading and remember to Smile!


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Happy New Year Everyone

1- First of all I would like to thank everyone who is following my blog there are currently 81 of you or those who have taken the time to read my posts.
I am sorry I have not put out as many posts as I would have liked but the posts I did put out I hope you all enjoyed.

2- For 2015 I am hoping to put out a post once a week so if there is anything in particular you want to know or hear about just send me a message.

3- Its been a crazy year as I finished my BA and decided to continue studying. The masters subject I am continuing with is Journalism and Mass Communication at Hertfordshire University.

4-My younger sister will also be posting out a post at least once every 2 weeks or so. Be sure to check her blog out at She writes little poems and songs so if your interested in that check it out.

5- Last but not least I am still thinking of my New Years resolutions and I will post them up when I have come up with them haha

Have a good New Year and I hope you have an amazing year ahead!

Elizabeth Han Hopkins =)

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Diversity’s Limitless-Reboot Tour at O2 Arena

I am aware I have not written on this for some time, which is largely due to being busy but also to being slightly lazy >.<


But I figured I would write about last night since it was pretty darn amazing.

So last night I went to see Diversity’s Limitless-Reboot Tour in the London O2 Arena (which was sold out!), with Alan Man and it was probably one of the best live performances I have ever been to as well as being a night to remember! If you have never been to see them, I highly recommend it.

The storyline made it seem like we were watching a 5D film! I loved the whole concept of the Diversity members (Ashley, Perri, Warren, Jordan, Terry, Ike, Sam and Mitchell)  becoming protectors of the earth, in order to stop ‘the destroyer.’ I thought it was a great touch, especially with all the superhero films and TV shows coming out lately.


Diversity kept me captivated the whole way through, as not only were their dances full of energy, with a variety of styles included, making you want to dance along with them but there were also some interesting and nice surprises as well. Such as them walking through the audience hi-fiving people (I got to Hi-Five Ashley =D), taking selfies with fans, and at one point Ashley was hanging in the air doing a death defying stunt.

Diversity 1Then along with all this, there were the special guests (such as: Acropolis Live, Boadicea Crew, etc.)   who were equally as captivating, from their stunning acrobatics and flexibility to their dances. And to much of the audience’s delight Theo McKenzie-Hayton also makes an appearance.

All in all it was an unforgettable night, and one I will always remember.


Oh yeah also brought a Diversity Jumper, which was soft and warm, and a Diversity T-shirt saying protector, causally gonna feel like a superhero haha

Me and A

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My 22nd Birthday- Third and Final Part

First I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post. This is the third and final part of ‘My 22nd Birthday’ posts, and was the last day of my celebrating, as Saturday the 13th was my birthday.

Part Three:
Super Saturday:

On this day I woke up abnormally early for a weekend, as there was a lion dance performance and we all needed to get things ready. The uniforms needed a quick iron and equipment needed to be loaded into the cars. After this was done we all chilled out.

And yes, we played our new favourite game Yui-Gui-Oh! With the end score being 7 to me and 4 to Alan…Yaaay! I win!

The rest of the Yi Dao Troop turned up and my dad made everyone some yummy food and then it was off to do the Lion Dance performance for a wedding! =)

It was a beautiful venue, for a wedding.

Anyway after we finished we headed back to unload the equipment and change and then we headed to the park royal arcade, and arcades are always more fun with more people, as you verse each other, and mess around.

Then as we had a restaurant booking for 6 or 6:30 pm we headed off to a restaurant called, ‘Loving Hut’ in Edgeware.
Now I do not like saying bad things about places, I rather recommend places to go. But it was my birthday and this place sort of annoyed me a LOT!
Not only did food take ages to come out but the food was pretty greasy (The only thing I really liked was Bang-bang veggie chicken and the veggie fishcake) and according to the staff they had double-booked (The manger was not there, and later after a call was made told us in fact that they were not double-booked).
Now my mum and dad had to leave a bit early to drop off a car and said they were going to come back to eat because they were still hungry since they did no eat much due to the time it took for the food to come out, so the rest of us stayed to continue to eat as we chose the la-carte menu (The all you can eat menu).
Then the waiter comes to us and says we have to leave by 7:30 as they have another booking.
This is not only annoying because we are waiting for someone but, we are also paying over £120 and after telling them, they continuously come to the table to ask us to leave (Wish they had come to our table more often when we wanted to order food- At one point my mum had to go up and tell them what we wanted at the till. Normally the waiters would come to your table). All in all it was a shambles. We left, because we got fed up. For the price we paid we could have brought the same amount of dishes in a better restaurant for better service and better quality.

So if you want greasy vegan food that takes ages to come go to Loving Hut in Edgeware! But I do not plan on going there again! It was one of the things that upset me on my birthday!

On a brighter not after we left, the 6 of us went to ‘Baskin Robbins’ opposite for some yummy ice-cream! The guy let us try the various different flavours, and was very patient especially considering there were 6 of us. So we all brought some yummy ice-creams sat in the little ice-cream shop to eat, and we all talked and what not.

Then we eventually split ways and my mum & dad picked up me, my bro, sis, and Alan and we headed home. Where they got me a cake and sung Happy Birthday and the Rest of it!

My family and troop always know how to make me smile!
And if your feeling a bit down head to Baskin Robbins


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My 22nd Birthday- Part Two

Ok if you have been following, you will know that I have split my birthday post into 3 post as it lasted for 3 days! 😀

Part 2!
Fab. Friend Friday!:

Friday, the first part of this day consisted of playing Yu-Gi-Oh, against Alan, with the cards we brought! And winning with my light-sworn deck! ^^
Sorting out my cute dwarf Hamster, Yuna (Yes, I like final Fantasy) and my cat, Linx, and making lion dance shoes. (if you do not know what lion dance is, look it up, it’s pretty coolio)

Oh and a super yummy breakfast made by Alan! He said it was a birthday breakfast, it was pancakes, with veggie bacon and maple syrup! Yummy!

It was probably about 5 when we left, and we went straight to the bubble tea store called, Block by China town! Its pretty much become one of my favorite bubbly tea stores, grabbed a cold Taiwanese bubble tea and walked around.
Then we headed into Cass Art Store which is just behind Leicester Square! And I sort of brought myself a present, I got 50 Faber-Castell colour pens for only £12.95! (Ok, I know I sound like one of those sales people, but for these pens that’s a bargain!) So I recommend arty people to go there, cause they got a ton of other discounts! 😀

Anyways after that we went to get some super yummy fat chips from Fish & Chips Co. in Leicester Square. And Alan still would not tell me what we were doing that evening… He’s pretty hard to crack >.<

As we still had time we watched a bboy performance, gave them some money, and then headed to Häagen-Dazs to wait for someone (I did not know who) Then May and Server popped up! Surprise! A super good surprise! So the four of us went into Häagen-Dazs to get some super yummy ice-cream!!! 😀 I also saw Joyce who came to say hi! ❤

So we ordered, 2 Fondue sets made for two people! A white chocolate one and milk chocolate one! I definitely recommend the White chocolate one, it was divine! We all agreed that the white chocolate one tasted better as it was thicker and creamer than the milk chocolate one.
With the Fondue sets, we got a selection of fruit, brownies, cookies and a selection of ice-cream! Yum yum!

There was a great atmosphere in the ice-cream house , and I loved spending the night with my amazing friends! ❤ After we were stuffed to the brim, we went for a walk around central and headed to the station 😀

We all reached home at roughly the same time.

Then it was Yu-Gui-Oh Time, and by the end of this amazing night I had beaten Alan 5-2

Third and Final part will be out tomorrow ❤


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My 22nd Birthday!- Part One

I know I have not written anything in a while, and I am not going to blame it on writers block or being to busy. But I am sorry that I have not written anything in a while, especially to those who do read my posts! 😀
On a lighter note yesterday was my 22nd Birthday! And it lasted practically 3 days haha so from Thursday to Saturday I got to do fun stuff! Mainly due to a super awesome person (Alan), who organized things for me on Thursday and Friday. Then finally on my actual Birthday I spent it with family, and the troop! 🙂
I will break these 3 days into 3 posts mainly because otherwise it may seem like too much to read haha =)

Part One below:
Wicked Theatre Thursday!:

It was a pretty chilled day until about probably 3:30 when we headed into London where Alan would not tell me anything the whole way there! Even though I bugged him sooo much… Pretty hard to crack 😉  First we went to Forbidden Planet, to get two packs of starter Yu-Gi-Oh cards…(As we have decided to start playing Yu-Goi-Oh again! Haha

Then when we got to Victoria Station he said we were going to see WICKED in the theatre! (This is something I have always wanted to see!) So we picked up our tickets, walked around and grabbed a bite to eat before heading in.

Inside was pretty nice, it had a swanky bar upstairs and what reminded me of circus popcorn stand with drinks and what not downstairs. Oooo and there was a slushie stand which had Wicked cups…The sort you can take home! (Ok…I know I sound like a kid… But it was pretty coolio)

The performance, was brilliant and I would say it was a must see! There were twists in it and you got to see another side of the Wizard of Oz story! It even made me want to go back and watch the Wizard of Oz again as it gave me a new perspective on the whole story!

It was fun, and there were a few funny moments especially when it came to the white witch! As well as a few shocking moments!
I especially loved all the acro. and dancing in it! And of course there was singing!
In addition to this marvellous spectacle I was also treated with theatre ice-cream, which if you’ve been to the theatre you’ll know it’s about £3 something for a little tub! >.< But it was seriously yummy! (Strawberry Flavour) After that we brought a Wicked souvenir and headed home! All in all Woohoo go Wicked Witch! ❤
it was a fabulous night and a lot of fun! =D