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My Bright Light

So I watched another few episodes of Bleach, where you find out Renji & Rukia’s history together. So this is from Renji to Rukia:

Ever since I was little,
All I ever wanted,
Was for us to be together

Being the poorest,
We went through so many hardships,
But we had some good times too,

I would travel round the world,
To stay by your side,
But I couldn’t even,
Tell you my true feelings…

I was angry at myself for letting you go,
Scared I was going to lose you,
Sad that I would be alone,
All I ever wanted,
Was for you to be happy…

Kept telling myself,
Not to interfere,
Believed you would find happiness,

Ever since I remember,
You were braver than any man I know,
Righteous to the core,
The classiest,
And most beautiful girl I know,
You stood out from the rest of us,
You are the bright shining light in my life…

But when he took you away,
Your smile seemed to fade…

I trained to surpass him,
And become the stronger man,
Hoping to win you back that way…

But to this day,
I haven’t beat him,
I don’t have the strength,
To get you back that way…

So I’ll swallow my shame and pride,
And beg this orange hair guy,
You seem put so much faith in,
To save you…

Please be safe Rukia,
You’re the only one,
I have left…


I love writing songs in relation to things I see, how I feel, characters I watch or people I know. It is these that give me the inspiration to write and the subjects in which I write about. So I have these people and things to thank. I hope you enjoy my work. Much <3

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