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Diversity’s Limitless-Reboot Tour at O2 Arena

I am aware I have not written on this for some time, which is largely due to being busy but also to being slightly lazy >.<


But I figured I would write about last night since it was pretty darn amazing.

So last night I went to see Diversity’s Limitless-Reboot Tour in the London O2 Arena (which was sold out!), with Alan Man and it was probably one of the best live performances I have ever been to as well as being a night to remember! If you have never been to see them, I highly recommend it.

The storyline made it seem like we were watching a 5D film! I loved the whole concept of the Diversity members (Ashley, Perri, Warren, Jordan, Terry, Ike, Sam and Mitchell)  becoming protectors of the earth, in order to stop ‘the destroyer.’ I thought it was a great touch, especially with all the superhero films and TV shows coming out lately.


Diversity kept me captivated the whole way through, as not only were their dances full of energy, with a variety of styles included, making you want to dance along with them but there were also some interesting and nice surprises as well. Such as them walking through the audience hi-fiving people (I got to Hi-Five Ashley =D), taking selfies with fans, and at one point Ashley was hanging in the air doing a death defying stunt.

Diversity 1Then along with all this, there were the special guests (such as: Acropolis Live, Boadicea Crew, etc.)   who were equally as captivating, from their stunning acrobatics and flexibility to their dances. And to much of the audience’s delight Theo McKenzie-Hayton also makes an appearance.

All in all it was an unforgettable night, and one I will always remember.


Oh yeah also brought a Diversity Jumper, which was soft and warm, and a Diversity T-shirt saying protector, causally gonna feel like a superhero haha

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Lindsey Sterling Exclusive Show

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Lindsey Sterling Exclusive Show which was held at One Mayfair (which is located: (Next to 13) North Audley Street, London,W1K 6ZA)), a beautiful and unique venue.

It was an amazing night with some truly heart felt moments especially when Lindsey Sterling explained her new song and album ‘Shatter Me.’ A song that is extremely personal to her, and what she gone through. It is also a song in which I believe many can relate to, the idea that we are always trying to fit into society’s norms, thus surround ourselves in a shell to protect us. The result of this is, we do not always show our true colours. But in order to truely love someone else we should first learn to love and cherish whom we are.

This concert in my opinion was one of her strongest, and she looked absolutely stunning. One of favorite parts of the concert was when Lindsey and Jason Gaviati aka Gavi were both in the center part of the stage and did a piece together whist dancing and sort of playing off one another. It was really entertaining to watch and sounded really fun, exciting and was a powerful piece.

Of course you can’t forget Drew Sanderson Steen aka Drew, who rocked them drums throughout the whole concert and seemed to have a never ending amount of energy. He was truly fab.

I would say the biggest highlight of it all was meeting Lindsey and Gavi, who were both as lovely in person as they were on stage. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to meet Drew but there’s always next time.

So I will be looking forward to seeing them all perform again on November 6th at The Forum!