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When I was younger

I remember,
When I was younger,
Running around & playing,
No other care in the world…

Nana would push me in a pushchair,
As we went from store to store,
I’d pretend to sleep,
So I wouldn’t have to try on,
All the dresses and  various things…

I’d close my eyes,
Especially when,
She bumped into somebody she knew,
Sneak a peak as I heard her say,
Let’s talk quietly,
She’s fast asleep…

I remember falling asleep in the car,
And being carried,
Like a princess by my daddy,
Up the stairs and into my bed…

He’d say goodnight and close the light,
Go downstairs & chill with mum,
Then I’d open my eyes,
Listen as the night passed me by,
I’d smile and eventually fall asleep…

I remember when I cooked with my mum,
Baking biscuits and making raspberry jam,
We’d make little snowmen when it snowed,
And she’d draw what I wanted,
So that I could colour it in…

These are just a few of my memories,
Of when I was younger,
Thank you for all the good memories…
Love you all… ❤
And look forward to making more…

Elizabeth Hopkine




I love writing songs in relation to things I see, how I feel, characters I watch or people I know. It is these that give me the inspiration to write and the subjects in which I write about. So I have these people and things to thank. I hope you enjoy my work. Much <3

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