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Promise me,
That no matter what happens,
You always be happy,
Regardless of what life,
Takes us through…

I’ll always try to be there for you,
No matter what…

And when you’re in need,
I’ll be your support,
I’ll be the one,
Standing by you…

Promise me,
That no matter what happens,
You will never give up…

You’re the person,
I’ll always,
Believe in….

Our promises made,
Will never be forgotten,
But fulfilled,
And cherished for life…

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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I <3 You

Lying on top of a rooftop,
Holding your hand,
Treasuring this moment.

As I look into your eyes,
Cheesy as it sounds,
All I want to say is,
I love you…

Remembering all the memories until now…

Swirling me around in the street,
Going from place to place,
Exploring the city at night,
Looking at all the pretty lights,
That are shining bright…

I wonder what is running through your mind…

As you run your fingers through my hair,
Smile and give me a hug,
I hear your heart beating fast,
Going just as fast as mine.
As you hold me tight…
Warmness surrounds me,
And makes me feel happy…

I ❤ you

Elizabeth H. Hopkins



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I Choose You

Standing side by side,
Holding your hand in mine,
Fighting together through the bad times…

Made a vow,
To find you in every lifetime,
Under the enchanting moonlight…

I choose you.

You’re the one who holds me tight,
Takes me to places up high,
See the pretty views at night…

From the moment I see you,
I smile inside…

I choose you…

Elizabeth H. Hopkins







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When I was younger

I remember,
When I was younger,
Running around & playing,
No other care in the world…

Nana would push me in a pushchair,
As we went from store to store,
I’d pretend to sleep,
So I wouldn’t have to try on,
All the dresses and  various things…

I’d close my eyes,
Especially when,
She bumped into somebody she knew,
Sneak a peak as I heard her say,
Let’s talk quietly,
She’s fast asleep…

I remember falling asleep in the car,
And being carried,
Like a princess by my daddy,
Up the stairs and into my bed…

He’d say goodnight and close the light,
Go downstairs & chill with mum,
Then I’d open my eyes,
Listen as the night passed me by,
I’d smile and eventually fall asleep…

I remember when I cooked with my mum,
Baking biscuits and making raspberry jam,
We’d make little snowmen when it snowed,
And she’d draw what I wanted,
So that I could colour it in…

These are just a few of my memories,
Of when I was younger,
Thank you for all the good memories…
Love you all… ❤
And look forward to making more…

Elizabeth Hopkine



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So apparently I wrote my first post 3 years ago. This is a little something different from what I usually write, let me know what you think.

Running errand after errand,
Not really sure where we are going,
Just keep on walking….

Hoping beyond hope,
That we will find a destination,
What is it?
Do you know where we are going?

What are we doing,
Travelling from city to city,
Finding a place to call home,
Somewhere we feel safe…

A hideaway,
Somewhere we can just lose ourselves,
Gain a piece of mind,
And chill out for the day…

Finding the little joys in our lives,
Things that make us happy,
And keep us going,
Keeping those things close to you…

Family, Friends, Love, Music & Sport.
These are mine,
What are yours?


Elizabeth H. Hopkins


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My Trip to Athens

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So from the 20th to 26th April I headed to Athens with my bf & some friends for the first time to do a parkour seminar with Athens Parkour Academy.

It was an amazing experience, people there were kind, welcoming and warm. On top of this it was a great place in general to get lost in and explore. Even late at night there were shops open until 2AM in the morning. There was a great atmosphere when we went through the market places and at one point we chatted to a very talented painter.



The 4th Athens International Parkour Seminar was something I would 10/10 do again, not only was it a good workout but it got me to try things I have never done before. Including working on one of my biggest fears- heights. It is something that I will probably never completely get rid of but to be much more comfortable with heights, in terms of walking around and jumping at height would be awesome. Mainly, because you see some of the most amazing sights when you are up high, plus it can be a lot of fun. (For example: the crowd surfing: I was scared to go up, but when I did it, it was soo fun hahaha)

There was also rail stuff & balancing both of which I am very awkward on. This is mainly because I am scared of slipping but working on it and doing balancing, precisions and various other things on the rails made me slightly more confident on them.
To be honest it was not only the seminar that has made me gain confidence on rails and heights but the various Parkour classes, events and things which worked us on balancing and precision jumps on rails as well as doing things high up.  Things that when I first started I would have looked at and just gone nope, not doing that or there is no way I can do that at all.

Additionally the parkour community in Athens are really friendly and easy to talk to. They are also a lot of fun to train with and always had a smile on their face, which just made you want to smile in return. I also got to do a couple of classes in the New World Gym [Athens Parkour Academy, Minoos 13, 11743 Athens, Greece] which were a lot of fun. Panos & Anmar along with the other instructors were really friendly & welcoming. If you have the chance and you are in Athens you should definitely go and have a try. Oooo there is also this really cool cat. 🙂


Food was delicious and we managed to find a cute little vegetarian place called Avocado [Nikis 30, Athina 105 57, Greece] which was super yummy. When we weren’t eating in this place I was lucky enough to have some amazing people around me to tell me what was veggie. Another place that is definitely worth eating at is The Tavern (Pytheou 106 str, 11743, Athens, ‘To Koutouki tou Thoma’) whereby you eat homemade Greek Food.  My favourite was the stuffed cabbage rolls. ❤

For ice-cream I suggest ‘Le Greche‘[16Α, Mitropoleos, Athina 105 63, Greece], they had a variety of delicious ice-cream & milkshakes.
Finally for the best bubble tea I’ve ever had you should hit up Bubble Tale Teabar [Aiolou 17, Athina 105 51, Greece].
It was  great it’s like a slushie but in bubble tea form! It was so good that we went there not just once but twice!


All in all it was an amazing trip & somewhere I’d love to go again. 😀




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Mic Lowry

I apologize for my lack of writing recently but I will start writing more regularly again soon.

This is just a short little something on a band I have been listening to this last week or so, and have come quite addicted too.

Mic Lowery a band from Liverpool is definitely worth a listen to especially if you are into old RnB. They are comprised of 5 lads whom’s voices compliment each other wonderfully and I believe they will only get better from here on out. Hopefully they will keep making music with that smooth finish.

To hear their stuff check out their Soundcloud: or their website:



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Deadpool Review

The other day, I went to see one of Marvels best films to date. Filled with humour, it was definitely something worth watching in the cinema.

The casting was great. Ryan Reynolds brought humour to the big screen in folds, there were digs at everything from his previous film Green Lantern to the production budget of Deadpool. His cheeky personality also helped defuse the most serious and emotional scenes which let you feel sympathetic towards certain characters. Then BAM! He would say something funny or something would happen that would make you laugh again. Of course the other characters helped in making the film the success that it was and it would not have worked without them.

Then there was Wade Wilson’s love interest which in this case was Vanessa Carlysle played by the beautiful Morena Baccarin. Her sassy character plays in-line with Wilsons, including the characters funny but strong introduction. They really do make a cute pair during the times of the film that they do appear together and in those parts of the film it almost did seem like a little romantic movie hahaha.

In terms of my favourite scene or part, I don’t think I could pick one, as there were so many parts of the film that I loved. The taxi scene is definitely one of them. Just the whole interaction and contradiction in body language to what Wilson says to the taxi driver is just brilliant. I also love the fact that deadpool talks to the audience as if he knows that he’s in a movie. I have seen it done before but nowhere near as good as the way deadpool has done it.

All in all it is definitely worth the watch and I do think it does live up to the hype that has surrounded it. ;P

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Should have known

Another day thinking,
Would it have been different,
If we had changed positions.

What would you have done?
If you were me…

I remember feeling lost,
Wandering where you went,
1 year passed, 2 years passed…

And I was sure you was gone…

Then one day you popped back,
It seemed like you were never gone…

Cause you were my bestfriend,
Back from year 7 to year 10,
We had so much jokes.

And I didn’t know,
Behind your smile,
What you was going through…

I should have wrote this years ago,
Never knew what to say,
Should have known that something was up…

Now we’re grown,
So keep your chin up and continue to do well…

❤ Miss you. Catch up soon yeah ❤

Elizabeth Hopkins