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So apparently I wrote my first post 3 years ago. This is a little something different from what I usually write, let me know what you think.

Running errand after errand,
Not really sure where we are going,
Just keep on walking….

Hoping beyond hope,
That we will find a destination,
What is it?
Do you know where we are going?

What are we doing,
Travelling from city to city,
Finding a place to call home,
Somewhere we feel safe…

A hideaway,
Somewhere we can just lose ourselves,
Gain a piece of mind,
And chill out for the day…

Finding the little joys in our lives,
Things that make us happy,
And keep us going,
Keeping those things close to you…

Family, Friends, Love, Music & Sport.
These are mine,
What are yours?


Elizabeth H. Hopkins


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Should have known

Another day thinking,
Would it have been different,
If we had changed positions.

What would you have done?
If you were me…

I remember feeling lost,
Wandering where you went,
1 year passed, 2 years passed…

And I was sure you was gone…

Then one day you popped back,
It seemed like you were never gone…

Cause you were my bestfriend,
Back from year 7 to year 10,
We had so much jokes.

And I didn’t know,
Behind your smile,
What you was going through…

I should have wrote this years ago,
Never knew what to say,
Should have known that something was up…

Now we’re grown,
So keep your chin up and continue to do well…

❤ Miss you. Catch up soon yeah ❤

Elizabeth Hopkins


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My Valentine

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write a little something. Be warned it’s cheesy 😉

My Valentine,
Thinking about you…

Running through the things we do,
Places we go to…
Regardless where we go,
Its fun when I’m with you…

My Valentine…

Cause when you message me,
It brings a smile to my face…
And when you surprise me,
I get so happy….

My Valentine…

When you’re sad,
I want to hug you tight,
Listen to your problems,
And stay by your side.

My Valentine…

Elizabeth H. Hopkins




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Gone But Never Forgotten

Looking off into the distance,
As the raindrops trickle along the window,
Wondering what you would be doing,
On this rainy day…
If you were still here,
Would you make all the jokes,
Like you did back then….

Wonder what you would think of us all today,
What sort thing would you say?
Would you be proud of me,
What advice would you give me now I’m grown…

That’s one of the things I think about,
when rain comes pouring down….

Your memory is forever ingrained…
I will never forget you….

I still have the thank you postcard,
You sent to me back then,
And read when I’m feeling sad…

I didn’t that you would be gone so soon,
After you sent me that postcard….

Miss you granddad….

See you in the stars.

Elizabeth Han Hopkins

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My Reason For Falling for You

Thinking about all the time we’ve been spending together,
Walking for miles without even realising,
The distance, the time that just passes us by….

Talking about everything and nothing,
Holding hands and joking round,
Kissing randomly….

Why does it seem so easy…

Smiling next to you,
Laughing so freely…

The shell that surrounds me,
Breaks down with you…
Letting you understand me more and more.

Cause I smile to myself,
Whenever I think about you….

And my heart warms,
Whenever I dream about you….

You’re the one I look forward to seeing,
The one I can’t wait to message or talk to,
After a long day….

You give energy when I have none,
Give strength when I think there’s no more left,
Make me happy, when I’m feeling down…

And that’s why I’ve fallen for you…

Elizabeth Hopkins

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With You

With you,
Walking with you side by side,
Late into the night,
Under the beautiful moonlight…

With you there’s no sense of time,
Stop a while,
And stare up into your eyes,
As people are passing us by…

Talking about anything,
Smiling so happily,
Heart’s beating rapidly…

With you,
Feeling carefree…

Cause you make,
Everything seem alright…

Keep smiling, keep laughing & don’t let anything get you down….

Elizabeth H Hopkins






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My Angel-Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, so I thought I should write a little something. Here’s something I cooked up quick as a sequel to ‘My Angel’ to one of the first songs I ever wrote on this blog, hope you like it.

My Angel
How is it,
You know exactly what to say.

To make me smile in that way….

My guard drops around you,
As if I’ve known you forever.

My Angel,
How is it,
You know exactly what to say.

To make everything alright again…

You’re the person,
I turn to when I’m troubled,
And don’t know where else to turn…

Cause you seem to,
Understand me like no-one else does…

And when we’re together,
I just want time to freeze in that moment.

As the world still moves around us…

Elizabeth Hopkins



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Little Rocker

Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I wrote something, so here’s a little song I wrote, let me know what you think. 😉

Hey little rocker,
What are you thinking of right now,
While you staring up at the night sky…

I know you always want to,
Escape life,
But don’t you know,
That someone’s thinking of you…

So don’t give up so easily…

Don’t put yourself down so much,
Cause your so much better,
Than you think you are…

Wish you could see what I could see…

Then maybe you would be,
More confident in yourself…
and perhaps more happy…

Smile little rocker,
I will be there when you,
Need someone to talk to,
Someone to lean on for support…

Keep strong….

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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A Dream

Here’s a short little something, hope you like it.

Lost in a world of my own,
A make-shift reality,
Only a dream maker can see…

Standing up high on a mountain,
The wind blowing through my hair,
The beautiful sights surrounding me….

Wandering if this serenity,
Will one day,
Become reality…

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Past Lovers

Its been about a week since my last post, so here’s a little something I wrote keeping the bleach theme going. It is from Matsumoto Rangiku’s point of view to Ichimaru. Please keep in mind I still haven’t completed bleach and have only watched till about episode 70 or so. Hope you like it.

You’re always leaving,
Without telling me,
Where you’re leaving to…

And you are always,
On my mind,
But I never get the chance,
To tell you…

I want to know,
What you’re thinking,
Why are you doing,
The things you’re doing,
What’s the reason,
Behind your thinking…

Everyone tells me,
Not to trust you,
But I know that,
You will never hurt me…

You always say these,
Silly things,
That make me think,
Maybe just maybe,
We could be a thing…

Come back safe…

Elizabeth H Hopkins

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