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Should have known

Another day thinking,
Would it have been different,
If we had changed positions.

What would you have done?
If you were me…

I remember feeling lost,
Wandering where you went,
1 year passed, 2 years passed…

And I was sure you was gone…

Then one day you popped back,
It seemed like you were never gone…

Cause you were my bestfriend,
Back from year 7 to year 10,
We had so much jokes.

And I didn’t know,
Behind your smile,
What you was going through…

I should have wrote this years ago,
Never knew what to say,
Should have known that something was up…

Now we’re grown,
So keep your chin up and continue to do well…

❤ Miss you. Catch up soon yeah ❤

Elizabeth Hopkins


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Haha so another Bleach one. I’m really loving the anime at the moment and it has some interesting relationships, and friendships. This one is from Captain 7: Komamura Sajin to his best friend Captain 9:Tōsen Kaname.

Remember what you said you fighting for,
Why you became a part of the soul society,
The vow you made to yourself,
And to your friend…

If you could see the chaos,
You were creating,
Or all the people you were hurting,
Would you still,
Be betraying us like this…

I remember when we first meet,
You were different from the rest,
Non-judging and understanding….

We became the best of friends,
Helping each other to the end,
To try and achieve the goals we set…

But this is something that,
Is unforgivable…

What can I say,
To make you change your mind,
And stop this craziness…
By Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Bleach again, still only on episode 49. I wrote this as if it was Momo Hinamori as she’s fighting her childhood friend Tōshirō Hitsugaya whom it is about.

Did it have to be you,
Out of everyone…

The one who,
I’ve always,
Wanted to protect,
My best friend…

When I raise my weapon,
The memories come flooding in…

When we first met,
I felt a connection,
Like no other before…

It was like I knew you,
My entire life,
I felt like,
I could tell you anything…

I just can’t bring myself,
To do it,
Even if it is to,
Avenge my captain….

I can’t hurt you,
Cause it would be,
Like hurting myself…

Part of me loves you,
More than moral words can say,
Beyond the restrictions of form,
Or this society….

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Bound Brothers

Haha ok I am really into Bleach at moment. So this is Yasutora ‘Chad’ Sado’s point of view to Ichigo Kurosaki. I wrote it as watched Bleach. Hope you like it.

Some friendships may come and go,
But ours will last for eternity…

We’re brothers bound and connected together,
By forces stronger than blood…

We’ll fight together until the end,
I will never lose,
Cause I made a promise to you,
To have your back always…

Regardless of what you need,
I will be there,
Cause I know that if it was me,
You would be there,
To save me…

So I’ll protect what you hold dear brother,
Like you did for me,
Even if it costs me my life…

If I survive we shall renew our promise brother…
Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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My Bright Light

So I watched another few episodes of Bleach, where you find out Renji & Rukia’s history together. So this is from Renji to Rukia:

Ever since I was little,
All I ever wanted,
Was for us to be together

Being the poorest,
We went through so many hardships,
But we had some good times too,

I would travel round the world,
To stay by your side,
But I couldn’t even,
Tell you my true feelings…

I was angry at myself for letting you go,
Scared I was going to lose you,
Sad that I would be alone,
All I ever wanted,
Was for you to be happy…

Kept telling myself,
Not to interfere,
Believed you would find happiness,

Ever since I remember,
You were braver than any man I know,
Righteous to the core,
The classiest,
And most beautiful girl I know,
You stood out from the rest of us,
You are the bright shining light in my life…

But when he took you away,
Your smile seemed to fade…

I trained to surpass him,
And become the stronger man,
Hoping to win you back that way…

But to this day,
I haven’t beat him,
I don’t have the strength,
To get you back that way…

So I’ll swallow my shame and pride,
And beg this orange hair guy,
You seem put so much faith in,
To save you…

Please be safe Rukia,
You’re the only one,
I have left…

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Never Want to Let You Go

Ok so I have not written anything in a while, been a bit busy I guess studying for my master degree.(Sounds good right hahaha) It actually is a pretty good course and I am enjoying it a lot! Anyways this is a little something I wrote as I listened to this beat: Not entirely sure how I came up with this song, I guess I picked a theme and wrote about it. But I do not always write in this way sometimes I brainstorm a bunch of stuff. To be honest it just depends what mood I am in. Anyway I hope you like it…=)

Hey this is for you.

Running through the streets,
After you…
Never wanting to let you go….

Always wanting to stand by you,
Your my love, your my boo…
You know me inside and out,
Seen all the good and the bad…

Yet you’ve stood by me,
For better or for worse,
Regardless of everything I’ve done…

I never want to let you go….
Always want to stand by you,
Your my everything…
Your my love, your my boo…

Time feels frozen as I am,
Dancing in your arms tonight…
Don’t know what I would do,
Without you standing by my side…

I never want to let you go….
Always want to stand by you,
Your my everything…
Your my love, your my boo…

Crazy as times have been,
You’ve always stood by me…
It’s been two and half years now,
I wuv you…
And thank you for everything…

Elizabeth Han Hopkins