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Breaking Bad and Frozen parody song ‘Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?’ is taking the internet by storm, as it gains over 3.5 million views in just a few days!

Here is another new’s piece I did for uni.  I hope you enjoy reading it. Please keep in mind this was a piece from uni so it is quite old now.

The YouTube video, Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)’ created by YouTube channel Animeme’ has hit over 3.5 million views on YouTube since its release on the 15th November. This viral video is still gaining momentum, and already has over 3 thousand shares on Facebook, and Twitter.

The song ‘Do you want to build a Meth Lab?’ was transformed from Frozen’s popular song ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ In the video Animeme, replaces the Disney princesses, Anne and Elisa with Breaking Bad main characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.
The parody does manage to keep many of the original concepts of the song. Examples: the door between the characters, and the idea of ‘flashbacks’ to ‘better times.’ It even features Anne from ‘Frozen’ knocking on the door. Before, she is shoved out the way by Mr.White whom tells her, “I am the One who knocks.”
Its flashbacks however feature memorable moments from the series looking into Mr.White and Jesse’s turbulent relationship with one another.

In response to the video, ‘Frozen’ fan and ‘Breaking Bad’ fan Rosabella Marie, 23 from London said, “The combination of the Frozen and Breaking bad was clever. It was literally what happened in breaking bad except Walt was not that open emotionally. I wouldn’t say it was a surprisingly combination as it was just a conflict of genres with what they have in common.”

Responses as to why the video has become a viral sensation were as follows:
Shaan Khan, 19 from London stated: “I think the video has gone viral because it is combining two extremely popular things at the moment. Both Breaking Bad and Frozen are viral and Frozen’s song let’s build a snow man is a popular song. Plus parodies of popular songs usually open up people’s creativity and the video is a laugh.”

Riz Layton, 22 from Harrogate said, “I think it’s really creative, it didn’t really surprise me though as there are already a lot of parody videos that follow similar styles. I think the video went viral because it fused two current trends; “Frozen” and “Breaking Bad” together, catching a wide audience.”

26 year old ‘Breaking Bad’ fan Cal Rogers from Hertfordshire said, “The answer is simple both have massive followings but breaking bad incorporates a market of people that wouldn’t really be interested in the other frozen parodies. It’s pretty funny watching Walter white go all out Disney style though.”

According to the BBC ‘Frozen’ was the top grossing animation film in the box office history at £644.38 m and is a widely popular film among both children and adults.
While ‘Breaking Bad’ is popular with 16+ demographic. It has won two globes, along with 113 other awards. And it is also regarded as one of the greatest TV dramas ever made.
Since both Frozen and Breaking Bad hold a large fan base, it is not surprising this video is taking the internet by a storm.

By Elizabeth Hopkins

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Better Call Saul!

Ok, for all those Breaking Bad Fans out there, Better Call Saul is out and the 3rd episode will be out this coming Tuesday (For the UK anyway, not sure about the US).

So far it has been fabulous! If you have not seen it, here is the Trailer:

The Saul you see in the first few scenes of episode 1, show the criminal attorney in what seems to be after the events of Breaking Bad as he is now working as at a Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraskaon. He definitely seems worse for wear, which is emphasized when Saul is seen to spend his off time drinking and watching his old TV commercials from when he was successful. It also portrays Saul as more cautious and jumpy now that he is not a criminal attorney.

It then jumps to his past before he became Saul Goodman but was instead known as Jimmy McGill.

With the first two episodes displaying Jimmy McGill’s struggle in making it as a small time attorney; his attempt in organizing a scam with 2 skateboarding hustlers in order to get a client; and how Saul becomes acquainted with Tuco. (In a life-threatening situation, whereby Jimmy McGill has to persuade Tuco not to kill him or his two skateboarding hustlers)- This bit definitely puts you on the edge.

We are also introduced to Chuck his brother, who is suffering from a mental breakdown. In addition to this we see Chuck’s law firm is ripping him off- Reason he changes his name maybe?

It finally ends on a point whereby Nacho Varga one of Tuco’s henchmen, leaves Saul to make a decision as to whether to follow his conscious, or follow the money- Which would you pick?

Let me know what your views of Better Call Saul are in the comments below 😀