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A Dream

Here’s a short little something, hope you like it.

Lost in a world of my own,
A make-shift reality,
Only a dream maker can see…

Standing up high on a mountain,
The wind blowing through my hair,
The beautiful sights surrounding me….

Wandering if this serenity,
Will one day,
Become reality…

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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This is something me and my sister Zoe(who’s 6) wrote last year, when we were travelling in the car 🙂 She’s my little inspiration sometimes, and can be very funny and cheeky ❤ 

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

My little sister Zoe
My little sister Zoe

Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


Hearing the echo from my heart,

In my mind,

Surrounding me,



Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


I’m walking forward…

Following blindly…

Hoping that it,

Will lead,

Somewhere that make me Happy…


Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


Is it possible,

That suddenly,

When I hear this echo,

Calling out to me.

That all my worries,

Pain & suffering,

Will diminish, into a….


Echo; echo, echo; echo; echo, echo; echo…

Follow the echo…


Dreaming freely,

This echo pulling me,

To a direction,

That I’ve never considered,

Or seen,

The I hear that…..


Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


It swipes me off my feet…

Into my dreams…

A place where…You FREE…Following that echoing…