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Gone But Never Forgotten

Looking off into the distance,
As the raindrops trickle along the window,
Wondering what you would be doing,
On this rainy day…
If you were still here,
Would you make all the jokes,
Like you did back then….

Wonder what you would think of us all today,
What sort thing would you say?
Would you be proud of me,
What advice would you give me now I’m grown…

That’s one of the things I think about,
when rain comes pouring down….

Your memory is forever ingrained…
I will never forget you….

I still have the thank you postcard,
You sent to me back then,
And read when I’m feeling sad…

I didn’t that you would be gone so soon,
After you sent me that postcard….

Miss you granddad….

See you in the stars.

Elizabeth Han Hopkins

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As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

Its been so long now,
Many, many years,
I sometimes try to imagine,
What you would do or say,
If you was still here.

Would be proud of me?
Would you say everything’s going to be ok…..

As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

Would things be different,
Would you smile more,
As the number of your grandchildren grew and grew…
Granddad I miss you,
Hope your doing well up there…

As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

You may be gone,
But you’ll never be forgotten…

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<3 This is for my Mum & Dad <3

Ok I know I haven’t wrote for a while so I apologize for being so slack.

As it is almost my 21st, my dad and my mum have been really amazing at helping me organize something special, so I’ve decided to put up this song that I wrote a few years back as a little something to say thank you for everything they’ve done for me not only for these past few months but my whole life since I was born! 😉

Keep in mind I wrote this when I was in that rebellious stage haha

Hey mum & dad,

I know there’s times; that have been rough,

Which I know weren’t,

helped by me,

Shouting and screaming,

I wanna get out…


In truth,

There’s times; I dunno what,

I would have done,

without you…


I guess what I’m trying to say,

Is that,

I’m thankful to have you…


Through all these rough times,

You may have complained,

Yet you done things to make,

the 3 of us happy,

Me, James and Zoe…


I dunno what we would have,

done without you,

our loving parents…


Its kinnda crazy,

How time has changed,

From when I was the,

Only child to having a,

little brother and sister,

to look after…


Going to the fair and eating candy floss,

to doing martial arts in our backyard,

feeling like I had,

All the time in the world,

to practically having none at all…


Its so strange,

Because when I look back,

Its like it was only was, yesterday…


Those vivid memories,

will live with me,

till the day that I die….


Thank you Mum & Dad,

For giving me,

A wonderful childhood,

One that makes me smile,

When I look back…

Thank you mum and dad….

And so the story continues,

as my life goes on

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<3 My Nan <3

This is something I wrote for my nan a few years back for her 70th Birthday! She’s literally the one of the kindest women in the World, and I’m soo lucky to have her, I love her tons, so this is for her…

Hope enjoy it 😉

My beautiful Nanny in Portugal!
My beautiful Nanny in Portugal!

There’s something I,

Want to say,

I know, I don’t say it,

Often enough,


It’s that I’m sincerely grateful to you,

And I really, really love you…


No amount of mortal words,

Can express how much,

I love you,

I’m sooo happy that your my,

My Grandma, Nanny…


For everything you’ve ever done,

I would,

Like to  say a big THANK YOU!

Yeah, yeah,

A big Thank You,

From me to you…


I’m so glad to have you…

<3 forever

To me,

Your like an angel,

Sent down from Heaven,

I couldn’t wish for better,

On a wishing star…


You looked after me,

Sooo much,

And your the one,

Who sets me straight,

When I go wrong,

I love you more,

than anything in the World….


I wouldn’t change you,

for anything,

Your kind and loving…


My wonderful, beautiful Nanny…


My Beautiful Grandma!
My Beautiful Grandma!
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My Two Taiwanese Sisters

For Nicole and Jenny:

A few years back I went to Taiwan for almost 2 months, and there I met 2 amazing sisters who treated me like family (they where my Chinese dance teacher’s daughters: Nicole and Jenny). And we had so much fun going around Taiwan, hanging out, dancing and joking around with one another.
So this is a little something I wrote for them.
Me, Jenny and Nicole!
Me, Jenny and Nicole!

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

Both of you were like,

My sisters when I was in Taiwan….



We went out,

Riding our bikes,

through the parks, on the roads,

And through the streets…



Racing one and another,

And seeing who was faster,

I miss the times when we would ride together…



Dancing together,

Throughout the day,

You and your mum taught me so much…



I won’t ever forget the kindness,

You showed me,

Taking me round Taiwan…



Treating me like,

I was,

Part of your family…



Going to the karaoke,

And singing randomly,

I remember you both,

Gave me so much jokes…



Giggling and laughing,

Before we went sleep…



I wander when the next time we’ll meet is…

Will you have remembered me?

Will it be how it was?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…



This time when your here,

allow me to take you out,

on a special treat,

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

My Two Taiwanese sisters!


Me (Hat) and Nicole
Me (Hat) and Nicole
Nicole and Jenny
Nicole and Jenny
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For my little bro

Yesterday, was my little brother’s 14th birthday! So this is a little something I wrote for him, to let him know how much he means to me as a little brother, regardless of how annoying he can be sometimes, he can also be funny and sweet. So in my opinion he’s the best little brother I could ask for. So this is for you, you little smart-ass 😛

Hope you like it.

Cousin and little brother
Cousin and little brother

Hey bro,

You’ve helped me out a lot,

In past…

And I just wanted to say thank you…



And that,

As your older sister,

I’ll always be there for ya…

I’ll be the person you can talk to,

The one who will lend you a hand..

Cause they say bloods stronger than water…

So I’ll always, always be there ya.



And although I may tease you,

You never take it to heart…

So we have a lot of laughs…

As your older sister,

I’ll always be there for ya…



14 years gone by,

And I still remember,

When you were,

so small…

following me around,

copying everything I said,

and trying to do everything I did…



But now your almost,

taller than me…

And your getting more mature,

Finding your own way,

Your own path…




As your older sister,

I’ll always be there for ya…



Regardless of what happens in the future,

You’ll always be my little brother…

Much Love little bro

My little brother!
My little brother!

My little bro playing piano

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No expectations leads no disappointments


From past experience, even when you don’t think you have an expectation of someone, when they do something that disappoints you or upsets you. Or even do something you didn’t think they would or something that you thought they would do.

Then you already have that expectation there subconsciously. For a majority of the time, you don’t realize that you hold this expectation of people until they do something, and it only then you sort of realize that you’ve set some sort of standards for them even if they don’t know it.

So in that sense its not they’re fault if you’ve put an expectation on them that they don’t even know about.

So this is kind of a song that states that if you don’t hold this kind of expectation of people, then you won’t be disappointed if they don’t fulfil it.

No expectations leads no disappointments

No expectations leads to no disappointments,
So I’m gonna stop having expectations,
Of other people…

Cause I’m tired of being disappointed..
But the thing is,
Its not their fault…
Its mine…
For setting an expectation in the first place…

They might not even know it,
And yet I sadden if they don’t meet it,
How is fair…
On them…

No expectations leads to no disappointments,
So I’m gonna stop having expectations,
Of other people…

This way if they meet,
The original criteria,
I will feel happy and surprised,
Instead of thinking…
Its, just a normal thing…

But its hard….
Cause, in reality,
We all have our expectations,
Of various people…
Family, lovers and friends…
But truthfully its probably,
Best not to…

No expectations leads to no disappointments,
So I’m gonna stop having expectations,
Of other people…

Hmmm…. Sounds like a contradiction… 😉