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Little Rocker

Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I wrote something, so here’s a little song I wrote, let me know what you think. 😉

Hey little rocker,
What are you thinking of right now,
While you staring up at the night sky…

I know you always want to,
Escape life,
But don’t you know,
That someone’s thinking of you…

So don’t give up so easily…

Don’t put yourself down so much,
Cause your so much better,
Than you think you are…

Wish you could see what I could see…

Then maybe you would be,
More confident in yourself…
and perhaps more happy…

Smile little rocker,
I will be there when you,
Need someone to talk to,
Someone to lean on for support…

Keep strong….

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Haha so another Bleach one. I’m really loving the anime at the moment and it has some interesting relationships, and friendships. This one is from Captain 7: Komamura Sajin to his best friend Captain 9:Tōsen Kaname.

Remember what you said you fighting for,
Why you became a part of the soul society,
The vow you made to yourself,
And to your friend…

If you could see the chaos,
You were creating,
Or all the people you were hurting,
Would you still,
Be betraying us like this…

I remember when we first meet,
You were different from the rest,
Non-judging and understanding….

We became the best of friends,
Helping each other to the end,
To try and achieve the goals we set…

But this is something that,
Is unforgivable…

What can I say,
To make you change your mind,
And stop this craziness…
By Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Bound Brothers

Haha ok I am really into Bleach at moment. So this is Yasutora ‘Chad’ Sado’s point of view to Ichigo Kurosaki. I wrote it as watched Bleach. Hope you like it.

Some friendships may come and go,
But ours will last for eternity…

We’re brothers bound and connected together,
By forces stronger than blood…

We’ll fight together until the end,
I will never lose,
Cause I made a promise to you,
To have your back always…

Regardless of what you need,
I will be there,
Cause I know that if it was me,
You would be there,
To save me…

So I’ll protect what you hold dear brother,
Like you did for me,
Even if it costs me my life…

If I survive we shall renew our promise brother…
Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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My 22nd Birthday- Part Two

Ok if you have been following, you will know that I have split my birthday post into 3 post as it lasted for 3 days! 😀

Part 2!
Fab. Friend Friday!:

Friday, the first part of this day consisted of playing Yu-Gi-Oh, against Alan, with the cards we brought! And winning with my light-sworn deck! ^^
Sorting out my cute dwarf Hamster, Yuna (Yes, I like final Fantasy) and my cat, Linx, and making lion dance shoes. (if you do not know what lion dance is, look it up, it’s pretty coolio)

Oh and a super yummy breakfast made by Alan! He said it was a birthday breakfast, it was pancakes, with veggie bacon and maple syrup! Yummy!

It was probably about 5 when we left, and we went straight to the bubble tea store called, Block by China town! Its pretty much become one of my favorite bubbly tea stores, grabbed a cold Taiwanese bubble tea and walked around.
Then we headed into Cass Art Store which is just behind Leicester Square! And I sort of brought myself a present, I got 50 Faber-Castell colour pens for only £12.95! (Ok, I know I sound like one of those sales people, but for these pens that’s a bargain!) So I recommend arty people to go there, cause they got a ton of other discounts! 😀

Anyways after that we went to get some super yummy fat chips from Fish & Chips Co. in Leicester Square. And Alan still would not tell me what we were doing that evening… He’s pretty hard to crack >.<

As we still had time we watched a bboy performance, gave them some money, and then headed to Häagen-Dazs to wait for someone (I did not know who) Then May and Server popped up! Surprise! A super good surprise! So the four of us went into Häagen-Dazs to get some super yummy ice-cream!!! 😀 I also saw Joyce who came to say hi! ❤

So we ordered, 2 Fondue sets made for two people! A white chocolate one and milk chocolate one! I definitely recommend the White chocolate one, it was divine! We all agreed that the white chocolate one tasted better as it was thicker and creamer than the milk chocolate one.
With the Fondue sets, we got a selection of fruit, brownies, cookies and a selection of ice-cream! Yum yum!

There was a great atmosphere in the ice-cream house , and I loved spending the night with my amazing friends! ❤ After we were stuffed to the brim, we went for a walk around central and headed to the station 😀

We all reached home at roughly the same time.

Then it was Yu-Gui-Oh Time, and by the end of this amazing night I had beaten Alan 5-2

Third and Final part will be out tomorrow ❤


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Please forgive me…


This girl (Miss A) fell for this guy (Mr. b), but they had to separate, as they lived in two different worlds. She promised she would wait for him, but they fell out one day and she swore at him, that was the beginning of their downfall…
Later she received a message from him telling her that he wasn’t the one for her.
She was very upset as he completely ignored any messages she sent him. Miss A continues to look for some sort of closure between the two of them, and wanders if he’s forgiven her and if they can ever be the close friends they once were…

For Mr.B

Its strange but I look back,

Every now and again,

Hoping to understand,

The events that transpired,

before and after you left…


Have you forgiven me,

So unsure…


Don’t know what to say,

to you,

But really want to speak to you…


Can we be friends?

Can I know,

Why you don’t, ever talk to me anymore…


If I hurt you,

I’m sincerely sorry,

from the bottom of my heart…


I hope that if you haven’t forgiven me yet,

That one day you will

I miss you…


Miss A

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New Friends

I must apologize for not writing on this for so long, as I have been busy doing my driving theory and what not,  so I hope this song will make up for it a little bit. Its written for someone who made me smile, and has become a good friend of mine recently.

Hope you like it 🙂


When I first met you,

I thought you were kind of cool,

Wasn’t sure how to speak to you,

And I was a little nervous too…


But when I finally spoke to you,

I found out you were cheeky and warm,

Making faces at me,

And joking around…


Although I haven’t known you for long,

It feels like its been a while…


My new friend,

I’m glad to have met you….


So whatever happens,

I’ll be there for you…

Be sure to be happy,

And laugh and smile like you make me do….


My new friend,

I’m glad to have met you….


I hope we’re friends forever and ever…

Peace out

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My Two Taiwanese Sisters

For Nicole and Jenny:

A few years back I went to Taiwan for almost 2 months, and there I met 2 amazing sisters who treated me like family (they where my Chinese dance teacher’s daughters: Nicole and Jenny). And we had so much fun going around Taiwan, hanging out, dancing and joking around with one another.
So this is a little something I wrote for them.
Me, Jenny and Nicole!
Me, Jenny and Nicole!

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

Both of you were like,

My sisters when I was in Taiwan….



We went out,

Riding our bikes,

through the parks, on the roads,

And through the streets…



Racing one and another,

And seeing who was faster,

I miss the times when we would ride together…



Dancing together,

Throughout the day,

You and your mum taught me so much…



I won’t ever forget the kindness,

You showed me,

Taking me round Taiwan…



Treating me like,

I was,

Part of your family…



Going to the karaoke,

And singing randomly,

I remember you both,

Gave me so much jokes…



Giggling and laughing,

Before we went sleep…



I wander when the next time we’ll meet is…

Will you have remembered me?

Will it be how it was?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…



This time when your here,

allow me to take you out,

on a special treat,

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

My Two Taiwanese sisters!


Me (Hat) and Nicole
Me (Hat) and Nicole
Nicole and Jenny
Nicole and Jenny