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Haha so another Bleach one. I’m really loving the anime at the moment and it has some interesting relationships, and friendships. This one is from Captain 7: Komamura Sajin to his best friend Captain 9:Tōsen Kaname.

Remember what you said you fighting for,
Why you became a part of the soul society,
The vow you made to yourself,
And to your friend…

If you could see the chaos,
You were creating,
Or all the people you were hurting,
Would you still,
Be betraying us like this…

I remember when we first meet,
You were different from the rest,
Non-judging and understanding….

We became the best of friends,
Helping each other to the end,
To try and achieve the goals we set…

But this is something that,
Is unforgivable…

What can I say,
To make you change your mind,
And stop this craziness…
By Elizabeth H. Hopkins