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Wonder Woman Film Review

Now this was defiantly an awesome film. Glossing over the fact that parts of it may have looked like a Tresemme advert, Gal Gadot definitely did Wonder Woman justice.

For some, it may have been a slow start but I quite enjoyed the little build up to all the action. I think it helped build wonder woman’s character up, by seeing how strong minded she was even as child, her culture [being surrounded by equally strong and strong minded women] and her training.  One of the highlights for me was seeing all these strong women fighting. Although the flips during the fighting scene were unnecessary, they were so awesome that it didn’t matter, it also made the film that much more entertaining.

The Themyscira Island itself was stunning and really portrayed paradise, with its sandy beaches, beautiful glowing water in a cave and huge grand castle like buildings really added to the beauty of this film.

Moving on we see the emotional scenes which allow her to see the death of a loved ones for the first time. We also see her making the decision to leave going against her mother’s wishes to help and fight alongside the humans.

Set in a time whereby women were not yet seen as equal, it was invigorating to see Wonder Woman be the first  to go through no-man’s land regardless of people’s discouragement,  to stand up for what she believed in and get it done regardless of people’s initial thoughts of her. All displaying that she was not only capable of doing what they did but also being much stronger and going above people’s initial perceptions of her. [Yes I know this is a superhero movie].

Finding out who the main villain (her half-brother) was, was somewhat of a surprise and a little unexpected but it tied the film nicely together. At the end of it all, there was a mixture of she was right, victory and sadness. Along with the ultimate message that every human has imperfections and may not be completely good, coupled with it’s better to be driven by love than hate.

All in all, putting aside the recent controversies to do with Gadot, it was a fantastic film and DC truly made a strong woman superhero that inspired and invigorated women.

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So apparently I wrote my first post 3 years ago. This is a little something different from what I usually write, let me know what you think.

Running errand after errand,
Not really sure where we are going,
Just keep on walking….

Hoping beyond hope,
That we will find a destination,
What is it?
Do you know where we are going?

What are we doing,
Travelling from city to city,
Finding a place to call home,
Somewhere we feel safe…

A hideaway,
Somewhere we can just lose ourselves,
Gain a piece of mind,
And chill out for the day…

Finding the little joys in our lives,
Things that make us happy,
And keep us going,
Keeping those things close to you…

Family, Friends, Love, Music & Sport.
These are mine,
What are yours?


Elizabeth H. Hopkins


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An Update

Ok so it has been a while since I last posted. So I thought I would give you an update on one or two things that have been going on that I recommend and what to hopefully look forward to in my next post.

So firstly I have been working on a Photoshop course, which so far has been great, If your interested in learning about Photoshop or learning how to create some interesting and unique photos I highly recommend it. If you click here it will take you to the website for it.
Here is some of my work:

Soft mist on the river, did not come out exactly how I wanted it to.
Soft mist on the river, did not come out exactly how I wanted it to.
A composition of various photos.
A composition of various photos.
Two photos combined
Two photos combined

Another activity/ thing I have been doing is parkour, which I have been going to with my younger brother James at Parkour Generations. It is a lot of fun. So if your looking for something fun to do in your spare time, or are interested in learning something active that’s one to check out. Everyone’s friendly, its a great workout and you learn various techniques and what not.

Finally, in my next post I am working on a song/ poem in my head which I hope to post by next week.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Elizabeth Han Hopkins

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As I think about the day,
Just passing me by,
Wandering what things,
I could have changed today,
I say:

What things could have improved my day?
What is it I really wanna change?

Am I too late…
Please can I just step; step back in time…

Change the bad to the good…
I guess not…

But what happens to you,
Only makes you stronger…

As you go from path to path,
Learning and making new mistakes,
That’s just life….

As I look back,
I realize,
Its these mistakes,
That made me who I am today…

But now I need to stop,
Looking back into the past…

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You Make Me Smile :D

Concept and Summary:

A lot of people have at least that one person who will always make them smile, whether it’s a best friend, a lover, someone they know or even a stranger. It’s the idea that this person makes all your worries seem like nothing, and its the kind of love that even if you’re not with that person in any kind of relationship, so long as they’re happy or content your happy 🙂 Hope you like it. Feel free to leave any feedback, thoughts or experiences you have in the comment section 🙂

People who make me smile! Yi Dao!
People who make me smile! Yi Dao!

I don’t know why…

2 Girls who have made me smile since the start of Uni. :)
2 Girls who have made me smile since the start of Uni. 🙂

But when I see …you,

I can’t help but smile.



And when your near,

I feel my heart,

beat a little faster…



And when I wake up, every morning,

I look forward to seeing you,

Hoping that I can talk to you…



I don’t know why…

But when I see …you,

Bboy crew! Just a few who made me smile
Bboy crew! Just a few who made me smile

I can’t help but smile.



And when I’m upset,

You make everything, alright,

Like there was nothing to fret about;

And as if nothing ever happen at all…



When your around I feel safe,

Don’t need nobody else,

Cause I’ll be fine and content…

So long as your by my side…



I don’t know why…

But when I see …you,

High school friends who were there for me since the start <3 and there's many others
High school friends who were there for me since the start

I can’t help but smile.



And as long as your happy,

I’ll be happy too…



Oooo… I love you….