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Spiderman: Homecoming Review

For those of you who are wondering whether or not to go and watch Spiderman: Homecoming, you definitely should go and watch it. It is an epic film. I was lucky enough to have great company with me and some yummy Fentimans curisosity colawhich if you haven’t tried yet, you should.

Back onto the film. If you’ve been following the avengers or marvel films, you will have seen Tom Holland as Spiderman already as the quirky, funny, and energetic 14 year old version of Spiderman who really wants to be an Avenger.

It has some interesting points of view and selfie mode camera angles when Spiderman was filming the ‘home movie’ part of it, mainly during the start of the movie. This I believe added to his character and allowed in a way the audience to see it from his view. It also makes him more relatable.

Tom Holland as Spiderman:
I think he has become one of my favourites. His character went through many different stages throughout the film and made him more likable as the film went on. He clearly is the youngest of the superheroes, which can be seen as Iron Man becomes the fatherly figure, sprouting advice every now and again; which like many teens, Spiderman chooses to ignore and gets himself into all sorts of trouble as a result.

Zendaya as Michelle Jones (MJ):
Her character does whatever she wants, when she wants. You see her turning up throughout the film around school, in the debate club, at the party and even in detention. She seems intelligent, quick-witted, observant, uncaring and gives Peter the finger every now and again. At the end there is a longing look that indicates she seems to have feelings for Peter. Her initials are a tribute to Mary Jane, but unlike Mary Jane she likes Peter for Peter and not just because he’s Spiderman. Michelle was probably one of my favourite characters in the film.
The Sidekick:
Ned’s the quirky sidekick who accidently finds out that his best-friend is Spiderman and helps him throughout the film. He’s a funny, likeable character that tries to help Peter win Liz (the love-interest, who is always being saved by Spiderman) as well as covering for Peter when he’s out saving the world.

Within the film there’s a nice big twist to keep it interesting. Vulture , who seemingly became a villain due to circumstances and opportunity, along with some bad choices; kind of redeems himself slightly at the end.
At the beginning it did sort of seem like it was the fault of the government, as they put Vulture and his team out of a job and he was set to lose everything.
His family seemed to be the most important thing to him and them having the best seemed to be his intention. However they were totally unaware of what he was doing and the crimes he was committing.

The film ends on a great note, as Spiderman looks in the mirror after earning Iron Man’s respect. And his protective Auntie finally finding out what he really has been up to during his midnight escapades or at least putting it together.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Review

This past weekend I got to see the new marvel film, At first I was a bit skeptical because some films don’t live up to the hype that they are surrounded by, but this film was funny, intelligent and kept me engaged the entire time. Sure there were a few cheesy bits, but what film doesn’t have those and some of those cheesy sections ended up being hilarious.Therefore I highly recommend it especially to those marvel lovers out there.

The Characters!

As the film went on, so did my love for the various characters especially Groot, who’s only word’s were: “I am Groot.” (Vin Diesel) And whom Rocket (Raccoon) was able to translate perfectly with added commentary. Groot was an interesting character as although his words may have been limited his actions and abilities within the film continuously expanded and surprised the audience. Additionally he did what I call the Groot Smash! And gave a little smile at the end! Little Groot was also super adorable when he danced, and definitely had the cute factor on point.
Dancing Baby Groot

Rocket was another funny little character, and Bradley Cooper‘s voice was perfect and gave him a lot of character. Other than making you want Rocket as a pet, he was one of the more resourceful characters in the film, being able to make weapons and formulate plans on the spot, not all of which were perfect but did somehow work. He also was extremely funny, sarcastic at times, and for fun made people get things that he didn’t need but thought would be funny.

Then you had the main character’s love interest Gamora, played by the beautiful Zoe Saldana, who was great at putting people in their place, and extremely a talented as weapon, assassin and had an interesting back story.

Then there was Mr. Muscle man, Drax the Destroyer played by Dave Batista a killer turned friend. His comments and inability to understand caused me to laugh a lot, and I wanted him to succeed.

Finally there was the main character, Starlord played by Chris Pratt. He kept surprising me from his back story, to his humor, and even his playboy attitude, all of it made him a fun, happy go lucky character. Still I really want to know who his dad is!

Anyways I recommend it!

And remember to watch it till after the credits!
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