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Just wait a little longer

Another Bleach inspired piece. So the other day I wrote something from  Rukia Kunchiki’s point of view, so yesterday I wrote this from Ichigo Kurosaki’s point of veiw to Rukia Kunchiki. Please bare in mind I’m still only on episode 30 so have no idea how their relationship is going to go, I just like the idea of them two haha.

I’m coming to save you,
So just wait a little longer,
Don’t lose hope…

Why didn’t you tell me,
That if you gave me,
What you gave me,
Your life would be on the line.
You’re always saving me,
I promise to return the favour…

But all I really want to do is,
Protect you,
Like your always protecting me….

You’ve begun to mean,
More and more to me,
Never thought,
You would have this effect on me…

You gave my life,
More meaning,
Than I ever knew before,
Made my life a little more interesting…

You opened up a world,
I never knew existed…

Now your not here with me,
I’m wandering,
Whats running through your mind,
If your ok…
Will you smile when you see me again…

Our entwined lives,
Constantly running through my mind,
Memories of us,
Fighting side by side,
Our eyes linking,
Across the battlefield,
Reading each other,
Through our actions…

Know this,
I will get stronger for you,
I will be the shoulder for you to cry on,
The anchor for you to lean on…

And if you have no-one else,
Know that you will always have me,
Regardless of the distance,
Our hearts will always be connected,
To one another…

I still have so many questions,
But know one thing for a fact,
I will be with you,
When you need me,
I will be the one who makes you smile…

So wait for me,Just a little longer,
Cause I’m almost there…

By Elizabeth Hopkins

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As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

Its been so long now,
Many, many years,
I sometimes try to imagine,
What you would do or say,
If you was still here.

Would be proud of me?
Would you say everything’s going to be ok…..

As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

Would things be different,
Would you smile more,
As the number of your grandchildren grew and grew…
Granddad I miss you,
Hope your doing well up there…

As I look up at the stars at night,
I wander whether your looking,
Down at me…
Protecting me silently.

You may be gone,
But you’ll never be forgotten…

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Please forgive me…


This girl (Miss A) fell for this guy (Mr. b), but they had to separate, as they lived in two different worlds. She promised she would wait for him, but they fell out one day and she swore at him, that was the beginning of their downfall…
Later she received a message from him telling her that he wasn’t the one for her.
She was very upset as he completely ignored any messages she sent him. Miss A continues to look for some sort of closure between the two of them, and wanders if he’s forgiven her and if they can ever be the close friends they once were…

For Mr.B

Its strange but I look back,

Every now and again,

Hoping to understand,

The events that transpired,

before and after you left…


Have you forgiven me,

So unsure…


Don’t know what to say,

to you,

But really want to speak to you…


Can we be friends?

Can I know,

Why you don’t, ever talk to me anymore…


If I hurt you,

I’m sincerely sorry,

from the bottom of my heart…


I hope that if you haven’t forgiven me yet,

That one day you will

I miss you…


Miss A