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Bleach again, still only on episode 49. I wrote this as if it was Momo Hinamori as she’s fighting her childhood friend Tōshirō Hitsugaya whom it is about.

Did it have to be you,
Out of everyone…

The one who,
I’ve always,
Wanted to protect,
My best friend…

When I raise my weapon,
The memories come flooding in…

When we first met,
I felt a connection,
Like no other before…

It was like I knew you,
My entire life,
I felt like,
I could tell you anything…

I just can’t bring myself,
To do it,
Even if it is to,
Avenge my captain….

I can’t hurt you,
Cause it would be,
Like hurting myself…

Part of me loves you,
More than moral words can say,
Beyond the restrictions of form,
Or this society….

Elizabeth H. Hopkins

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Restaurant Review-Momo House ;)

I apologize as I realize it has been about a month since my last post so I figured I would write a quick restaurant review.

So yesterday evening I went to Momo House restaurant in Alperton, which is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves Nepalese, Indian and Chinese cuisine. It had a nice atmosphere, staff were friendly and the food tasted good and was a reasonable price. Personally I think it is a great place for a bunch of friends or a date, as it is quite a cute small restaurant. From what I saw it can get fairly busy which only adds to the friendly atmosphere.

When we were seated they gave us crispy poppadoms with two sauces. Then we ordered steamed momos which came in a batch of 10, special fried rice, butter naan and a Aloo Palak (Potatoes & Spinach) which came to under £20, and it filled us right up. (And it was yummy! =])

So if you want to try somewhere new or fancy some Nepalese, or Indian food I suggest you try out the Momo House Restaurant. They also serve home-made alcohol which came in these tall metal things. It seemed to be a popular drink there.

Momo House Facebook:

Restaurant Address:
2 Glenmore Parade,
Ealing Road,