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Those New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, so since my last post I have been busy with university reports and assignments. I also said I would come up with some New Year resolutions here they are:

  • Not to be so argumentative, this only really occurs with people closest to me and it just ends up with both or one person being upset, so I think I need to cut down >.<
  • Try and be more positive, so recently I have been having a lot of ups and downs especially with the above subject. Ideally with less of the top one I will be more positive and happier? Might be complete nonsense, but it’s worth a try…And a general positive outlook on situations. 😉
  • Save up money…This one generally speaks for itself

Well those are my 3 resolutions, they’re not amazing but they should be achievable I hope haha

Finally, it’s my adorable little sister’s 9th birthday tomorrow! I still remember when she was really small. Now she’s growing up, and finding out what she likes and what she doesn’t like (I mean food, TV programs and toys not anything else >.<) =)

So Happy Birthday to her! Love her lots!

Thanks for reading and remember to Smile!


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This is something me and my sister Zoe(who’s 6) wrote last year, when we were travelling in the car 🙂 She’s my little inspiration sometimes, and can be very funny and cheeky ❤ 

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

My little sister Zoe
My little sister Zoe

Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


Hearing the echo from my heart,

In my mind,

Surrounding me,



Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


I’m walking forward…

Following blindly…

Hoping that it,

Will lead,

Somewhere that make me Happy…


Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


Is it possible,

That suddenly,

When I hear this echo,

Calling out to me.

That all my worries,

Pain & suffering,

Will diminish, into a….


Echo; echo, echo; echo; echo, echo; echo…

Follow the echo…


Dreaming freely,

This echo pulling me,

To a direction,

That I’ve never considered,

Or seen,

The I hear that…..


Echo; echo; echo;

Follow the echo…


It swipes me off my feet…

Into my dreams…

A place where…You FREE…Following that echoing…

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My Two Taiwanese Sisters

For Nicole and Jenny:

A few years back I went to Taiwan for almost 2 months, and there I met 2 amazing sisters who treated me like family (they where my Chinese dance teacher’s daughters: Nicole and Jenny). And we had so much fun going around Taiwan, hanging out, dancing and joking around with one another.
So this is a little something I wrote for them.
Me, Jenny and Nicole!
Me, Jenny and Nicole!

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

Both of you were like,

My sisters when I was in Taiwan….



We went out,

Riding our bikes,

through the parks, on the roads,

And through the streets…



Racing one and another,

And seeing who was faster,

I miss the times when we would ride together…



Dancing together,

Throughout the day,

You and your mum taught me so much…



I won’t ever forget the kindness,

You showed me,

Taking me round Taiwan…



Treating me like,

I was,

Part of your family…



Going to the karaoke,

And singing randomly,

I remember you both,

Gave me so much jokes…



Giggling and laughing,

Before we went sleep…



I wander when the next time we’ll meet is…

Will you have remembered me?

Will it be how it was?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…



This time when your here,

allow me to take you out,

on a special treat,

I miss you,

Nicole and Jenny,

My Two Taiwanese sisters!


Me (Hat) and Nicole
Me (Hat) and Nicole
Nicole and Jenny
Nicole and Jenny