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Bleach again, still only on episode 49. I wrote this as if it was Momo Hinamori as she’s fighting her childhood friend Tōshirō Hitsugaya whom it is about.

Did it have to be you,
Out of everyone…

The one who,
I’ve always,
Wanted to protect,
My best friend…

When I raise my weapon,
The memories come flooding in…

When we first met,
I felt a connection,
Like no other before…

It was like I knew you,
My entire life,
I felt like,
I could tell you anything…

I just can’t bring myself,
To do it,
Even if it is to,
Avenge my captain….

I can’t hurt you,
Cause it would be,
Like hurting myself…

Part of me loves you,
More than moral words can say,
Beyond the restrictions of form,
Or this society….

Elizabeth H. Hopkins