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~Last Goodbye~


This song is about a girl who went through a lot with someone, and he would tell her constantly that one day she would leave but he would love her regardless . But then one day he just stop calling her, and stopped answering when she messaged or called him, and not once during the time they were together did he tell her he loved her, always saying he was too busy and can she not bother him that day. So when she saw him again she decided it was to time to leave this flame behind and she knew that in her heart that this would be their last goodbye…

~Last Goodbye~

Tell me somthing….

How is it,

You’ve seemed to have,

Forgotten everything we’ve been through,

Everything we’ve ever done.



I remember you telling me,

That it would be me,

Who’d forget you…eventually….

But I guess it was, the other way round.



Now I’m sitting here,


How it is,

You just seemed to,

Stop caring.



My heart is breaking,

And I don’t know,

What to do.



Only once wanting to hear those 3 words,

I love you…

But you wouldn’t,

Even when you knew,

I was going to go…

You wouldn’t say anything to me.



And I felt a coldness,

Grab me,

An ice cold shield,

To protect me.



And now the love I felt,

Is fading,

So, so quickly…



There was a time,

I would have done anything,

To keep on,

Loving you…



But now I’m tired,

Of waiting for,

Just one message.

saying, “Girl wait for me…”

Cause in my heart I know,

You’ll just say,

I’m too busy to even say,

Hi or Girl can you not bother me.

So this is so you know,

I did love you,

But you broke my heart,

Now I’m gonna disappear from your life.



So this is my last goodbye… x


I love writing songs in relation to things I see, how I feel, characters I watch or people I know. It is these that give me the inspiration to write and the subjects in which I write about. So I have these people and things to thank. I hope you enjoy my work. Much <3

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