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Hugo & Victor Religieuse Fleur

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Vincent Hopkins

Hugo & Victor’s Religieuse Fleur is a spring time delight for visitors to their store in Printemps Haussmann.

With first class service from the helpful lady behind the counter I decided on the modern interpretation of the classic *religieuse, filled with lemongrass cream légère, a hibiscus tea cream légère The flavour combination from Hugues Pouget is inspired a real clean fresh spring taste is what hits the palate then the crisp choux pastry.

Decorated with real flowers including bergonia, nasturtiums, orchids and crystallised violets. The visual impact of the flowers and red glaze captures the eye and was one of the determining factors in choosing this pastry from amongst many.

There is no technique I know of to eat gracefully but a good method is to start with the head after removing the flowers and then to dig into the main body.

A real standout pastry…

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